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November 2014 Archives

Portsmouth officer charged with reckless driving

Law enforcement officials are responsible for keeping Portsmouth residents safe. On rare occasions, police officers themselves will be charged with a crime. Whether a resident of Virginia or an officer of the law in the state, individuals accused of crimes face the same consequences and are afforded the same defense rights.

Understanding the frequency and dangers of sexting

When charges are filed against juveniles who have committed crimes in Virginia, one that isn't often seen as a serious violation of the law or even a criminal act is sexting. A teenager might believe there's nothing wrong or illegal about sending explicit messages to his or her friends. However, the issue is increasingly prevalent and can lead to serious problems down the road. In some instances, it can lead to child pornography charges. Knowing the laws and ramifications of sexting can help juveniles avoid the problem altogether or assist in lodging a defense when charges are filed.

Drunk driving convictions can have serious penalties

Despite warnings from the media, law enforcement officials and other members of the community, many drivers in Portsmouth still drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Those who drive under the influence can be convicted of DUI and face numerous consequences as a result.

Virginia man's drug charges dismissed

When a Virginia resident is facing drug charges, they may feel like they are sure to be found guilty and face years in prison. However, this is not always the case. Many drug cases result in the dismissal of charges, leaving the accused to resume their normal lives. With the right representation, those facing drug charges may be able to avoid the serious consequences that come with a conviction.