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January 2014 Archives

Virginia man charged in death of his mother

Virginia residents facing any sort of criminal charge could end up facing hefty fines, probation, license suspension, and in more serious cases, jail time. Finding the proper criminal defense is critical. One Virginia man has been arrested as a possible suspect in the death of his mother.

Virginia Beach man facing DUI charge

All across the country, authorities are cracking down on drunk driving. Because of this, Virginia drivers who are charged with drunk driving may have a difficult time fighting these charges without the proper defense strategy in place. A Virginia Beach man is now facing a DUI charge and various other charges after a car accident that left one man dead.

Virginia teen faces murder charge after two deaths

Children and teenagers who face criminal charges often have a difficult path ahead of them if they are found guilty. This is especially true if the crime they are being accused of is serious in nature. One 16-year-old Virginia teenager is being charged with capital murder and various other charges after two young men were found dead at a skate park in Downtown Hampton.

Virginia man faces charges after alleged domestic violence

A domestic violence dispute has left one Virginia man facing a malicious wounding charge. The 45-year-old is being held without bond at the county jail after a recent bail hearing. The man had been living with the alleged victim for a few months.