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November 2013 Archives

William & Mary basketball player suspended after DUI charge

College students who drink and drive are not always aware of the serious consequences they could face if they are convicted of a DUI. DUI charges in Virginia can lead to hefty fines, license suspension, enrollment in alcohol abuse programs and jail time. Student athletes have even more to lose, as their whole future can be affected by a DUI conviction. One William and Mary athlete has started his season off with a suspension after being charged with a DUI in late October.

Virginia teacher charged with drug possession

A 40-year-old Virginia Beach City Public Schools teacher is facing various charges after allegedly bringing narcotics into the school where he worked. The high school orchestra teacher from Norfolk was charged with sale of narcotics on or near school property, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance.

Virginia teenagers charged with assault

The consequences for teenagers that break the law in Virginia can be severe depending on the crime. Juvenile crime involving sexual assault is especially serious. While many cases of sexual assault involve a male assaulting a female, there are cases where a female is accused of assaulting another female. Multiple Virginia teenage girls were recently charged with various sexual assault charges after an incident involving other teen girls. Details of the incident have not been disclosed yet.