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May 2013 Archives

Alleged threat on Facebook results in Portsmouth student's arrest

Although Facebook and Twitter may not be the best venues for venting about a bad day at work, an argument with a friend or spouse, or other personal matters, it is normal for many teens in Virginia -- and even some adults -- to use social media to voice their feelings from time to time. What folks need to understand, though, is that Facebook posts and comments on Twitter may be taken out of context, resulting in serious consequences.

Virginia Beach man says he planned to sell synthetic marijuana

Criminal cases involving charges against Virginia residents who are accused of making or selling synthetic marijuana are often complex and may take several months to resolve. This is because folks may use a variety of chemicals to make synthetic marijuana, some of which may or may not be banned substances.

Virginia student suspended for violating school's weapons policy

Over the years, schools in Virginia and throughout the U.S. have focused on making schools safer for students and teachers, and for good reason. However, there may be times when students' actions are taken out of context or not handled appropriately by school officials.

Deputy avoids DUI conviction in Virginia

Anyone who is accused of driving drunk in Portsmouth may feel embarrassed about an arrest, especially since drunk driving is dangerous and puts others at risk of being injured in serious car accidents. A drunk driving charge may also cause folks to become extremely worried about their future.

Domestic violence results in about 4 deaths every day in U.S.

Domestic violence is emotionally and physically harmful. Children who witness domestic violence in the home may be affected, and those who are harmed by a spouse or partner may live in fear or suffer serious injuries from verbal, physical or emotional abuse. Because domestic violence is so dangerous and harmful, Virginia imposes severe penalties on those who are convicted of such offenses.