Domestic violence results in about 4 deaths every day in U.S.

Domestic violence is emotionally and physically harmful. Children who witness domestic violence in the home may be affected, and those who are harmed by a spouse or partner may live in fear or suffer serious injuries from verbal, physical or emotional abuse. Because domestic violence is so dangerous and harmful, Virginia imposes severe penalties on those who are convicted of such offenses.

Penalties for a domestic violence offense arrest or conviction may include losing visitation or child custody rights, restraining orders may be filed, and serious offenses may lead to assault, battery, or other charges that may result in additional penalties and consequences. When facing these charges, folks must understand that a lot is at stake, and if they have been wrongfully accused of harming a spouse or partner, they will need a strategic and aggressive defense attorney to protect their rights and help mitigate the negative impacts of being charged with such a serious offense.

Although domestic violence charges may arise after an incident is taken out of context or after a misunderstanding, domestic violence awareness in Virginia is still important so that folks can learn about preventing domestic violence as well as getting out of harmful homes and relationships. Last month, one family in Virginia created a new foundation that focuses on raising more awareness of domestic violence. The foundation was created after the family lost their loved one to alleged domestic violence attack.

Studies and research show that domestic violence is very prevalent in the U.S., and the Domestic Violence Resource Center estimates that at least three women and one man are killed every day as a result of domestic violence in our country. Clearly, many people are affected by domestic violence every day, but it is also important to remember that these reported offenses must be investigated thoroughly.

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