What are some wrong things college kids say to the police?

College students sometimes get themselves into trouble, and an incident could bring them not to the dean’s office but a police station. When stopped and questioned by police in Virginia, they may feel nervous and assume they could explain their situation. Anyone with experience dealing with the police likely realizes talking yourself out of trouble is a dubious plan. College kids may benefit from knowing what not to say to the police.

Avoiding incriminating and troubling statements

Lying to police officers ranks as one of the worst things to say. Lying or otherwise making unsworn false statements to the police could get someone into legal jeopardy. Those legal problems may come in addition to other charges the accused faces.

College students may find it helpful to exercise their constitutional right to remain silent. Some might keep quiet after being arrested, but they may not realize statements made before the arrest become evidence against them.

Telling the police that it is okay to search their vehicle or dorm could be a mistake. Without probable cause, the police require permission or a warrant to conduct a search. Giving the police the okay to perform a search opens the door to providing law enforcement with evidence.

Avoid belligerent actions

Copping a bad attitude with the police, displaying anger, or using insulting language could make a situation worse. Becoming inappropriately angry or loud may force the officers to take someone into custody.

Threatening the police or offering any bribe would drive up a college student’s legal problems massively. Inexperienced young persons might try to replicate things seen on television with disastrous results.

Trying to tell jokes or otherwise failing to take the situation seriously causes trouble. Some may admit guilt to a famous crime in an attempt at humor. Criminal law history shows some innocent people find themselves suspects due to such foolish behavior.



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