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When children want to change the custody plan

Separated parents in Virginia may go through challenging times when their children say they want to change the custody arrangement. There are several reasons why a kid would make these requests. Examples range from serious situations like abuse or neglect to simply wanting to pursue a better educational opportunity. It is a big decision, and there are many issues for parents to consider before making a major change to how a family handles custody.

It is important for parents to communicate openly with their children and listen to what they have to say, especially if they are unhappy with their current living situation. In addition, it is important that both parties respect each other rather than use the potential change of residency as an emotional weapon. Parents should also think about how their children feel in the difficult environment that can come with a parental divorce. This may be particularly true if the parents do not get along well or have significant conflicts.

Exes who have fostered a positive co-parenting relationship may also be able to have an open discussion with each other. Both parents could mediate a solution or seek some form of family counseling to determine a good outcome. In general, children feel more supported by both parents when they do not put each other down or immediately shut down any suggestion of change.

Depending on the child’s age, he or she may have the right to seek a change to the parenting plan, especially if the other parent is on board with making those changes. A family law attorney can provide advice and guidance to a single parent about how to deal with potential child custody alterations.



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