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December 2016 Archives

Wrongfully convicted defendants may receive assistance with bill

Facing criminal charges can be devastating, especially if you have been wrongfully accused. Wrongful conviction is even worse than a wrongful accusation. Without an effective criminal defense strategy, many innocent people end up spending years in prison for crimes they didn't commit. What's worse is that the real criminal continues to walk the streets putting lives in danger.

Marijuana arrests have declined in Virginia

Since 2013, marijuana arrests have reduced in Virginia as enforcement officials turn their attention to more pressing issues in the state. According to the Virginia State Police, marijuana arrests and drug charges have dropped by about 14 percent all across the state from 2013 to 2015. The data from this year also shows a decrease.

Married couple arrested in Virginia for multiple drug offenses

Possession of an illegal substance can result in serious consequences. However, the consequences for possession alone pale in comparison to the consequences of drug distribution or trafficking charges. Typically, those found guilty of selling or transporting illegal substances can see anywhere from three years to life in prison. The length of the sentence will depend on a number of factors including type of substance, amount, and location of the drug sales. Selling drugs to children can also result in longer jail sentences.

What to expect during DUI traffic stops

One of the most common criminal charges people face is a DUI charge. Under Virginia law, you are not permitted to drive if you have a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. However, even if your BAC level is under .08, you may still be arrested for a DUI if an officer believes that you are impaired behind the wheel. It is important to know what to expect if you get pulled over for drunk driving.