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July 2016 Archives

Palin's son takes plea agreement on domestic violence charges

For a young man domestic violence charges can be devastating. If convicted, his career and reputation could be destroyed. Track Palin, son of former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, will not have to worry about these things. The U.S. Army soldier, who served in Iraq in 2008, recently entered a plea agreement and as a result will not face domestic violence charges stemming from an alleged incident with his girlfriend.

Virginia men face felony drug charges

If you are facing a conviction for drug possession or distribution, you should be aware of the serious consequences that could await you. Drug charges can result in varying amounts of jail time, depending on the type of drug and the severity of the crime. Two Virginia men were recently charged with several drug felonies after police found them in a vehicle outside a motel. The officers responded to a call reporting possible drug activity inside the Virginia motel.

High court rules on breath and blood test refusals in DUI cases

Many DUI cases in the state of Virginia center on the blood alcohol concentration of the driver at the time of the accident or vehicle stop. If an officer suspects that a driver has been drunk driving, he will typically ask the driver to take a test to measure his blood alcohol level. Implied consent laws generally state that a driver automatically consents to a BAC test every time he exercises his driving privileges. Thus, breath test refusal in DUI cases can lead to serious consequences including license suspension and possible jail time.