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February 2016 Archives

Virginia business owner arrested on federal drug charges

Federal prosecutors allege that one of the owners of a Virginia Beach cake shop has been running a large scale drug operation and using his store to cover it up. The Drug Enforcement Administration, Virginia State Police, Chesapeake Police Department and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service conducted an 18-month investigation of the couple.

New bill may make it easier to be charged with resisting arrest

When a Virginia resident is accused of committing a crime, it is possible that they will be arrested by an officer on the scene. It is important to note that resisting arrest is a crime in itself. Law enforcement officials in Virginia want to make some changes to the state's resisting arrest laws. Being aware of this potential change could help you come up with a criminal defense if you face these charges.

Virginia Tech students charged after death of teenage girl

A recent tragedy in the state of Virginia has left one girl dead and two college students facing criminal charges. A 13-year-old girl was reported missing and was last seen at her home. Approximately three days later, Virginia police found her body along Highway 89.