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December 2015 Archives

Domestic assault and battery charges can lead to consequences

When an argument with a loved one gets heated, things can escalate quickly. In some cases, one party will call the police about the other party, alleging violence of some kind. The accused can face charges of domestic assault, battery and malicious wounding.

Virginia teen arrested after allegedly making online threats

These days, the average high-school student spends a good amount of time each day on social media. Some of these sites allow for anonymity, which gives students the idea that they can say whatever they want without any fear of consequences. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can be considered a juvenile crime. One 15-year-old Virginia Beach high-school student recently found out the hard way that even supposedly anonymous posts can come back to haunt you.

Drunk driving arrests on the rise in Virginia during the holidays

The holiday season is well underway, and for many of our readers this means indulging in some holiday cocktails. Before you drive home, you should be aware that there has been an increase in drunk driving cases in Virginia during the holidays. Over the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday, between November 25 and November 29, Virginia officers arrested 145 people for DUIs. Last year, there were 54 fewer arrests over the same time period.

What are protection orders and what happens if one is violated?

When there are alleged incidents of domestic violence between two people, the next step may involve some form of protective order. If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is important to know what a protection order is and how it can affect you. Generally, these orders allow the alleged victim to call the police if the other party breaks the order.

Study shows marijuana possession arrests are rising in Virginia

According to a recent report, a study has revealed that your chances of getting arrested for drug possession are higher than ever in Virginia. While most states appear to be moving toward the legalization of marijuana, Virginia seems to be moving towards a further crackdown on marijuana usage.