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October 2015 Archives

Virginia teens facing charges after alleged Newport News burglary

When a teenager is charged and subsequently convicted of a juvenile crime, the consequences can be severe. Many claim that the point of such juvenile justice is to get the youth back on track and on their way to becoming a productive member of society.

Hope Solo faces domestic violence charges for past incident

Family violence can lead to domestic violence charges for many Virginia residents. Men and women of all walks of life can face these serious charges. U.S. women's soccer star Hope Solo faced two counts of domestic violence in the fourth degree after an incident at her sister's home in June of last year. Her charges were later dismissed by a judge on procedural grounds.

Teen charged with murder after stabbing incident

Teenagers facing criminal charges may not have any clue as to what lies ahead. There are a number of steps involved in handling the case of a child or teen under the age of 18. One Virginia teen is about to get an in-depth look into the juvenile crime court process after an incident in Newport News. Police were called to a residential area after a 20-year-old woman was stabbed to death. She was pronounced dead at the scene.