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Legal representation could help in defense against drug charges

What starts out as a run of the mill traffic stop could quickly turn into being charged with a drug crime. If police find illegal drugs of any kind in your vehicle, you may be facing some serious consequences. If you are found with any drug other than marijuana that is an automatic felony in the state of Virginia. Marijuana possession can also turn into a felony depending on the amount of drugs you have.

The penalties that go along with a felony drug conviction can impact your entire life. You might be facing significant jail time, hefty fines, revocation of your driver’s license and probation. Worst of all, even if you pay your dues, you will have a permanent criminal record that could affect future employment opportunities, buying a home and other aspects of your everyday life.

With so much on the line, including your reputation, you shouldn’t leave your fate to chance. Coming up with a defense strategy and solid evidence to build your case is essential to give yourself a chance at the best possible outcome, whatever that may be. Our law firm understands that every drug possession case is different and some have a number of nuances that can make things complicated. You should leave no stone unturned when it comes to collecting evidence and witnesses.

Fortunately, there are qualified attorneys such as those at The Collins Law Firm P.C. who have over 30 years of experience handling all kinds of drug cases. These attorneys can provide you with one-on-one attention to ensure that you build the best case possible for yourself. For more information, please visit our website. This could provide you and your loved ones with general information, helping you make a knowledgeable decision regarding a legal defense.



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