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October 2014 Archives

What to expect when facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence can involve physical, mental, or emotional abuse in the context of a family or intimate relationship. Those charged with domestic violence have a long road ahead of them in terms of the potential consequences. Those accused of domestic violence should be prepared for what may lie ahead of them.

Being convicted of drug charges can greatly affect your future

Criminal charges involving drug possession or drug distribution can result in life-changing consequences. In many cases, police find illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia directly on a person. In other cases, police may find drugs in a vehicle or dwelling. These drugs can include heroin, cocaine, marijuana and even illegally obtained prescription drugs.

What happens when a child is accused of a crime?

When a child is accused of a crime, the child and their family may feel blindsided and unsure of what to do next. Being prepared for what lies ahead will help ensure a better outcome for the family and their child. The juvenile court process varies from state-to-state, but there are basic steps in the process that can be expected.

Virginia Beach city treasurer facing third DUI charge

Virginia DUI convictions can greatly affect the lives of many people, especially the life of the person who was convicted. Avoiding these convictions is possible with the right defense in place. The Virginia Beach city treasurer, John Atkinson, will need to work out his defense after being charged with his third DWI in three decades.