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Virginia man charged with felonies after carjacking accident

Being charged with a crime can be a difficult time for the Portsmouth accused and their families. If the accused is found guilty, the consequences will depend on the severity of the crime.

Many crimes fall under the categories of misdemeanor and felony offenses. Misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail. Felonies are more serious and punishable by prison sentences of greater than one year. Felonies are typically crimes, such as murder, burglary and rape, are viewed severely by society. That is why it is so important for those accused of these crimes to come up with a solid criminal defense to protect themselves from the consequences of conviction.

A Virginia Beach resident has recently been charged with a felony hit and run, felony eluding and other crimes, after a carjacking resulted in an accident. The 34-year-old man allegedly pulled a knife on a woman and dragged her out of her SUV at a local Town Bank. The man was driving the vehicle westbound on I-264 when police spotted him and the chase began.

The man eventually crashed into a car at Market Street and Virginia Beach Boulevard. The SUV was hit by a police vehicle shortly afterwards. According to a witness, the man jumped out of the vehicle and surrendered to police. The man and another driver were taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for their injuries. The man has been charged with robbery, carjacking and malicious wounding, in addition to the felony charges. Making sure this man has a solid defense against these charges will be critical to make sure he does not suffer any unnecessary consequences.

Source: WVEC, “Man charged in carjacking, police chase in Virginia Beach,” May 22, 2014



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