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February 2014 Archives

Implied consent laws may cause trouble for drivers accused of DUI

Drivers accused of driving under the influence of alcohol face an uphill battle when it comes to defending against these charges. This can be even more of a challenge with a new practice gaining popularity in Virginia and other southern states. Recent investigations have shown police officers drawing blood from drivers suspected of a DUI without their consent.

Teen facing charges after nude photo incident

With the popularity of social media sites and the improvements in technology over the past decade, teenagers are getting into more trouble than ever before. Currently, parents in Virginia are particularly concerned with sexting, which can involve sending nude pictures to others via Facebook, Twitter or text message.

After 6 years, Virginia man's juvenile conviction is overturned

Facing false accusations of rape -- or any serious crime -- is the kind of experience no one wants to go through. At the same, time it's nearly impossible to imagine what it's like to face these charges as a teenager. Unfortunately, one young man from Virigina dealt with this very problem when he was only 15 years old.

Non-DNA exonerations increasing across country

“Everyone makes mistakes” may be a comforting response to some situations. When a goalie lets a shot get by, when a child loses their mittens on the way home from school or maybe when a spouse says something they want to take back, a loved one might reassure them with those three words.