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August 2013 Archives

Principal accused of drunk driving gets charges dropped

DUI convictions are very serious and could leave the alleged wrongdoer having to pay hefty fines, attend expensive classes or even put the accused behind bars. It is extremely important for the accused to put forth a strong defense in court. A strong defense could prevent the accused from having to endure any of the abovementioned penalties.

Virginia defendant acquitted of criminal charges despite doubts

The judicial system in the United States is set up so that defendants in criminal cases cannot face a conviction without being proven guilty. Mere presumptions that the allegations are true are not enough to convict someone. This point was recently demonstrated in a case about an hour and a half northwest of Portsmouth.

Arrests of three Virginia men based on neighbors' reports

Drugs are a hot political and social issue, frequently under debate for many reasons. Many people argue that the money and time spent on zealous enforcement of drug crimes is excessive and could be better spent on other crimes. Others argue that the drugs should never be illegal in the first place, eliminating the enforcement problem altogether. Currently, however, enforcing the strict drug laws in this country is a top priority of law enforcement, which can put many Virginia citizens at risk for prosecution on drug charges.

Virginia's ignition interlock law appears to be effective

Just over one year ago, Virginia passed a new law requiring all drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. According to a recent report by AAA, Virginia’s law appears to be effective so far in preventing people from getting behind the wheel after a few too many drinks.

Use of new forensic techniques comes with risks

By all accounts, the widespread use of DNA evidence in criminal investigations has been a boon to prosecutors throughout the U.S. Experts suggest, however, that investigators and prosecutors may be relying too heavily on DNA analyses and other new forensic techniques, which in turn can lead to the imprisonment of innocent people. No matter the changes, be it drug possession, assault or even driving under the influence, the irresponsible use of forensic evidence can have devastating consequences.