Portsmouth teen found guilty of sex offense, sentenced to probation

When teens are accused of committing criminal offenses in Portsmouth, they will need guidance and support in order to protect their future. A criminal conviction at a young age can be very damaging, even for a seemingly minor offense. Although a conviction may not be avoided in some cases, a juvenile crime defense attorney may still help to minimize clients’ penalties so that teens can focus on getting the help they need to avoid making similar mistakes and to get on the right path to a better life.

In cases when a conviction cannot be avoided, juveniles may benefit from working with an attorney who will fight to reach more favorable outcomes in their cases when it comes to addressing sentencing issues. Harsh punishment is not always effective, and instead, juveniles may benefit from being required to participate in treatment programs or to attend counseling to help them manage their personal struggles.

Recently, a Portsmouth teen was sentenced for raping a 15-year-old female he knew. However, after reviewing a recommendation from the teen’s probation officer, the teen’s commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice for rape has been suspended. The teen will now serve supervised probation on the condition that the teen participates in counseling. As part of his probation, he is also prohibited from having any contact with the female he was accused of raping.

The teen had never been accused of committing a sex offense before. According to the female’s account of what happened, the two had been “playing around” in a stairwell at a high school. The situation got out of control, though, and the male proceeded to pull down the female’s pants. The female later told police that the male had penetrated her. The school did have a surveillance system that had recorded the encounter.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, “Portsmouth teen to serve probation for rape,” Janie Bryant, March 13, 2013



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