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Former Virginia principals face drug charges

Marijuana use and possession amongst young people has been on the rise all over the country. That's why it is so surprising when an adult who is an authority figure at a school is charged with drug possession. Two former Virginia high school principals currently are facing drug charges after allegedly being found with drugs in their vehicle.

Virginia men facing drug charges

The severity of a drug charge can depend on a variety of factors, one of which is whether the accused had the intent to distribute. Two Virginia men are facing multiple charges after police allegedly found marijuana in their homes. The men have been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to manufacture marijuana with intent to distribute and manufacturing marijuana. One of the men is also charged with possessing a gun and marijuana. They are being held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail.

Virginia teacher charged with drug possession

A 40-year-old Virginia Beach City Public Schools teacher is facing various charges after allegedly bringing narcotics into the school where he worked. The high school orchestra teacher from Norfolk was charged with sale of narcotics on or near school property, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance.

Meth-related drug charges against 33-year-old man

As shown by all the publicity about the legalization of marijuana, many Virginia residents and people across the country believe that federal drug laws need to change. Many of the people arrested for drug crimes face drug charges related to possession, which many people believe to be a victim-less crime. However, regardless of whether the drug charge is possession or something greater, like drug manufacturing or drug distributing, drug charges can be very harmful to a person's future and can result in significant penalties.

Investigation leads to drug charges in Newport News

Police frequently conduct investigations to uncover all sorts of criminal activity. Some of these investigations happen following a crime, other investigations try to stop criminal activity before it happens. While some of these investigations may be quick, others can go on for long periods of time. No matter how the exact investigation is undertaken, it can frequently lead to criminal charges.

Arrests of three Virginia men based on neighbors' reports

Drugs are a hot political and social issue, frequently under debate for many reasons. Many people argue that the money and time spent on zealous enforcement of drug crimes is excessive and could be better spent on other crimes. Others argue that the drugs should never be illegal in the first place, eliminating the enforcement problem altogether. Currently, however, enforcing the strict drug laws in this country is a top priority of law enforcement, which can put many Virginia citizens at risk for prosecution on drug charges.

Virginia Beach man says he planned to sell synthetic marijuana

Criminal cases involving charges against Virginia residents who are accused of making or selling synthetic marijuana are often complex and may take several months to resolve. This is because folks may use a variety of chemicals to make synthetic marijuana, some of which may or may not be banned substances.

After reviewing evidence, Portsmouth man may be cleared of crime

Last month, a young Portsmouth man had learned that police put out his mugshot reporting that the man was wanted for selling drugs near a school. However, the 21-year-old man claims that he is innocent and he is extremely embarrassed for being accused of committing a crime he was not involved in.

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