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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Virginia teens arrested after making music video

In general, it is important for young people to express themselves and find outlets for their creativity. However, some teenagers may not know where to draw the line when it comes to their artistic endeavors. One group of Virginia teens recently starred in a music video that could get them in a lot of trouble. Juvenile crime can lead to serious long-term consequences, so if a young person is facing criminal charges, it is imperative that they properly defend against those charges.

Teen facing charges after nude photo incident

With the popularity of social media sites and the improvements in technology over the past decade, teenagers are getting into more trouble than ever before. Currently, parents in Virginia are particularly concerned with sexting, which can involve sending nude pictures to others via Facebook, Twitter or text message.

After 6 years, Virginia man's juvenile conviction is overturned

Facing false accusations of rape -- or any serious crime -- is the kind of experience no one wants to go through. At the same, time it's nearly impossible to imagine what it's like to face these charges as a teenager. Unfortunately, one young man from Virigina dealt with this very problem when he was only 15 years old.

Virginia teen faces murder charge after two deaths

Children and teenagers who face criminal charges often have a difficult path ahead of them if they are found guilty. This is especially true if the crime they are being accused of is serious in nature. One 16-year-old Virginia teenager is being charged with capital murder and various other charges after two young men were found dead at a skate park in Downtown Hampton.

Virginia teenagers charged with assault

The consequences for teenagers that break the law in Virginia can be severe depending on the crime. Juvenile crime involving sexual assault is especially serious. While many cases of sexual assault involve a male assaulting a female, there are cases where a female is accused of assaulting another female. Multiple Virginia teenage girls were recently charged with various sexual assault charges after an incident involving other teen girls. Details of the incident have not been disclosed yet.

Virginia teen charged after sending threatening texts

Many young people in the United States have a tendency to go against the rules of society. While this may be a part of growing up, juvenile crime can have serious consequences that have lasting effects on a young person's life. One Virginia teen is facing charges after allegedly texting threatening messages to a classmate.

Virginia student suspended for violating school's weapons policy

Over the years, schools in Virginia and throughout the U.S. have focused on making schools safer for students and teachers, and for good reason. However, there may be times when students' actions are taken out of context or not handled appropriately by school officials.

Portsmouth teen found guilty of sex offense, sentenced to probation

When teens are accused of committing criminal offenses in Portsmouth, they will need guidance and support in order to protect their future. A criminal conviction at a young age can be very damaging, even for a seemingly minor offense. Although a conviction may not be avoided in some cases, a juvenile crime defense attorney may still help to minimize clients' penalties so that teens can focus on getting the help they need to avoid making similar mistakes and to get on the right path to a better life.

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