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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Fake teen doctor faces criminal charges in Virginia

Teenagers are notorious for making up stories and getting into trouble. However, juvenile crimes can be serious. One teenager's lies and deception caught up with him as he was indicted by a grand jury on charges in Virginia. The 19-year-old teen allegedly attempted to illegally purchase a vehicle by using fake documentation.

High-school student charged sharing explicit photos

Young people across the country are using cell phones and social media more than ever before. As a result, sexting scandals are on the rise amongst teenagers. A Virginia high school student has been charged with collecting and sharing nude images of multiple students last year. The student was a minor at the time of the arrest, but is now 18-years-old. He has been charged with two felony counts of distribution of child pornography.

Defending juveniles facing criminal charges

Very few things are as difficult as facing criminal charges as a minor. With the child's future hanging in the balance, the entire family may feel overwhelmed by the potential consequences. No matter what your child is dealing with, establishing a solid criminal defense may be all it takes to get the charges dropped.

Teen sexting may lead to changes in child pornography laws

Technology makes it easy for teenagers to share personal pictures and videos with their friends, family and even complete strangers. Unfortunately, many teens take advantage of this technology to share sexually explicit photos of themselves and others, otherwise known as "sexting." In fact, sexting has become so common amongst young people that authorities now have to update current child pornography laws in Virginia.

Virginian teen charged with second degree murder

Being charged with a serious crime can be traumatizing at any age. When a young Virginian faces criminal charges, the experience can negatively affect them for the rest of their lives. It is also important to remember that a teen charged with a juvenile crime do not deserve a lifetime of consequences.

Virginia girl faces criminal charges after Instagram post

These days, a majority of young people use at least one form of social media. Emojis are often used to liven up social media posts and express emotions online. Virginians are now learning that using certain emojis can lead to juvenile crime charges.

Legislators plan to reform Virginia's juvenile justice system

According to state legislators, the juvenile justice system in Virginia needs some major improvement. Gov. Terry McAuliffe's administration is working on a plan to reduce the number of juveniles in Virginia's aging juvenile justice facilities and keep juveniles closer to home by keeping them in local lockup instead.

Virginia teen arrested after allegedly making online threats

These days, the average high-school student spends a good amount of time each day on social media. Some of these sites allow for anonymity, which gives students the idea that they can say whatever they want without any fear of consequences. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can be considered a juvenile crime. One 15-year-old Virginia Beach high-school student recently found out the hard way that even supposedly anonymous posts can come back to haunt you.

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