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Police arrest man on domestic assault and other charges

While most cases of domestic assault are perceived to involve a person and a spouse or a person with whom he or she is in a relationship, there are many other ways in which there can be these types of charges made. Simply getting into a physical dispute with a family member can result in domestic assault charges. In many cases, there are other charges accompanying the domestic abuse allegations. Having comprehensive legal assistance with acriminal defense is therefore often imperative in these cases, lest an accused individual wants to face serious penalties.

What is expungement?

Many people in Virginia may have heard of expungement, but may not know what it means. Expungement, in its simplest term, is the "sealing" of one's legal record of an arrest or criminal conviction. While the arrest or conviction for most intents and purposes does not appear on a person's criminal background, it does not mean that it completely erased. It can still be accessed and used under certain circumstances.

Man accused of committing homicide in Virginia back in 2014

A person accused of homicide back in July 2014 has recently been apprehended by police. The first incident first took place on an early morning in July 2014, when police responded to a report of shots being fired in the area. When police arrived at West Queen Street in Hampton, Virginia, they found a 25-year-old person suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds. Later in the same area, they found a man on the sidewalk of North Back River Road dead.

Man killed following alleged robbery in Norfolk

An alleged robbery gone awry in Norfolk, Virginia, has left a 48-year-old man dead, according to authorities. Police responded to the scene of the man's house on Dungee Street in Norfolk where they found the man with serious injuries. He was immediately transported to Sentrara Norfolk General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police chase, standoff leads to multiple charges in Portsmouth

Things escalated quickly for a 28-year-old Portsmouth man following a police attempt to pull him over for driving with a known revoked license near Duke and Effingham Street in Portsmouth, Virginia, last Sunday night shortly before 8:00 p.m. The man, driving a black Mercedes, led the cops on a slow-speed chase, which ended when police laid out a spike strip on Frederick Boulevard. The vehicle came to a stop beside a gas station near Interstate 264, but the night was not over.

Criminal defense includes having a strong team beside you

Virginia residents may have heard the common proverb, "To err is human," often attributed to the late, great English poet Alexander Pope. The line is true. Humans, by our very nature, are not perfect. We make mistakes, we may not make the wisest decisions or use good judgement before doing something. Unfortunately, this can lead to illegal behavior, which may put you in a very bad situation.

How does expungement work?

"Expungement" means having your criminal conviction or arrest "sealed" in the eyes of the law. This means that by most accounts, your record will not appear on a criminal record search, but that does not mean that it is completely stricken from the record. There are still government agencies that will have access to the previous arrests or conviction, such as the court system and law enforcement agencies, who may still access the information and use it when deemed appropriate, such as a future trial.

Man arrested for alleged sexual relationships with minors

Getting charged for a crime is always difficult, but crimes involving sexual abuse or sexual relations with a minor are particularly devastating. The potential consequences of a sex-related criminal charge go beyond the legal consequences of jailtime and fines. The accused may also have their reputation in the community destroyed and have a difficult time finding a job or seeing their children, if they have any. An effective criminal defense strategy can save you from facing these consequences.

Documents you may need to fight your criminal charges

Many Virginia residents are aware of how difficult it can be to defend yourself against criminal charges in a court of law. If you have been charged with a crime, your attorney may be able to help you come up with an effective criminal defense strategy. In order to assist you, your attorney will need as much information as possible about your case.