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February 2017 Archives

Man arrested for alleged sexual relationships with minors

Getting charged for a crime is always difficult, but crimes involving sexual abuse or sexual relations with a minor are particularly devastating. The potential consequences of a sex-related criminal charge go beyond the legal consequences of jailtime and fines. The accused may also have their reputation in the community destroyed and have a difficult time finding a job or seeing their children, if they have any. An effective criminal defense strategy can save you from facing these consequences.

Self-defense as an effective domestic violence defense strategy

When police officers respond to a domestic violence disturbance call, it can be difficult for them to determine what actually happened. In the midst of the chaos, an officer may arrest someone who was simply acting in self-defense. Self-defense refers to the act of force used to protect oneself from violence. Many Virginia men and women who have been charged with domestic violence, assault and battery use self-defense as a defense strategy in court. This strategy can lessen the charges or consequences.

2016 was a low crime year for Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has seen its share of crimes over the years. From drug distribution to assault and battery, many people in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas have been charged with a crime. However, Virginia Beach's chief of police recently reported that the 2016 crime rate was as low as it was in the mid-1960s. In fact, people's interactions with police have decreased since 2010, as have the number of traffic violations in the area.