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June 2014 Archives

Hope Solo pleads not guilty to domestic violence charges

Domestic violence incidents in the home can result in serious, long-term consequences and a damaged reputation for those charged with abuse. Domestic violence refers to physical or mental damage imposed on one household or family member by another individual in the household or member of the family. Charges of domestic violence will vary depending on the severity of the victim's injuries, whether a child was present at the time of the incident and whether a protective order was violated.

Charges dropped against second defendant in VA officer death

Virginia residents who are charged with crimes can face serious consequences if they are convicted. Many of these charges get dropped or dismissed for a variety of reasons, including a solid criminal defense. One of the two defendants charged with the murder of an off-duty Norfolk police officer is no longer facing charges. However, he is currently serving time for other crimes. The other defendant's charges were dropped earlier this year. With a dismissed charge under his belt, he is now a free man.

Virginia drug bust leads to two arrests

In recent years, there have been a number of reports of drug use and drug crime in Virginia. More specifically, an increase in heroin overdoses has become a serious concern in Central Virginia. Earlier this year, officers arrested two men believed to be dealing drugs in the area.