Virginia Beach Spousal Support Lawyers

Establishing financial stability during and after a divorce is oftentimes the most important issue that comes up with divorcing couples. Spousal support (sometimes referred to as alimony) is also an issue that comes up early in the divorce process. At The Collins Law Firm, P.C., we will provide upfront answers to your questions and concerns.

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At The Collins Law Firm, P.C., we recognize that divorce has many different components. Our goal is to provide objective advice so you are aware of your legal options. We take time to explain the types of spousal support available in Virginia (including temporary and long-term spousal support) as well as how the spousal support calculator is used to help determine amounts. Our lawyers are familiar with the factors that the courts will look at when determining spousal support amounts, which include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Standard of living
  • Property interests of each party
  • Debt, income and other needs of both spouses

Whether you are seeking support from your spouse who is the higher earner or being asked to make payments to your spouse, our Virginia Beach spousal support attorneys will develop an effective legal plan to protect your interests during the process.

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